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Based on interviews and research conducted by Fairewinds Associates, a nonprofit organization exposing the inability of the nuclear industry to return decommissioned power plants to Greenfield status, some radioactive signatures from Fukushima are appearing in the Western United States.

“There are less of them, but they are still there,” said Marco Kaltofen, an environmental scientist and professional engineer.

During an interview with Maggie Gunderson, wife of nuclear plant operations expert Arnie Gunderson, Kaltofen debunks the most accepted analysis of the fallout migrating across the Pacific Ocean. Explaining that x-rays and air travel result in short term radiation exposure, Kaltofen’s stressed nuclear particles can attach themselves to the soil and air potentially providing a means for the radiation to enter our body.

“We have to prevent particles from landing or get rid of the clothing and soil and reduce the long term exposure potential of radioactive particles.” Kalofen hypothesizes “what we have from Fukushima may be greater than that received from [U.S.] nuclear testing.”

Kalofen continues, where a nuclear particle lands in your body, it kills tissue. “Particles travel long distances but do not change much… [radioactive particles] found in soil and air in Japan are appearing on the West Coast.”

Both Maggie Gunderson and Kalofen agree “there will be a lot more [nationwide radiation] monitoring required” to learn how much radiation “gets into the food chain,” by consistently sampling soils used for gardening.

The full interview can be viewed below.