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CHARLESTON, WV -West Virginia American Water today
repeated warnings to customers to be wary of anyone requesting payment
before, during or after water utility service calls, and to use caution
before letting anyone onto their property or into their homes or

Last Friday, a man posing as a water company employee demanded payment from
a Nitro business following a service call made by company personnel. West
Virginia American Water urges all customers to report any individuals
posing as company employees who request payments in the field or try to
gain access to businesses or homes. Water company employees do not accept
payments during service calls and generally should not need access to any
indoor facilities to read meters, turn service on or off or perform
maintenance work.

“We want our customers to feel secure when our field service employees
visit their homes and businesses,” said West Virginia American President
Jeff McIntyre. “Residents should be aware that all legitimate water company
employees authorized to enter homes or businesses will be wearing logoed
clothing and carry proper photo identification.” Most service calls are
scheduled in advance, and company employees will not ask for or accept
payment during service calls or shut-offs, he added.
West Virginia American Water recommends that customers take the following
precautions to keep themselves, their homes, and their businesses safe from
   ・ Insist on seeing proper identification. Do not open the door to
      anyone who cannot provide a photo ID badge.
   ・ Thoroughly inspect the identification badge and check the service
      person’s vehicle. The front of a West Virginia American Water ID
      badge will display the employee’s picture and the company’s logo. All
      West Virginia American Water vehicles have the company’s logo clearly
      displayed on the side.
   ・ If the person at your door cannot show you an official West Virginia
      American Water identification badge, or if you have any doubts, do
      not let that person into your home or business. Close and lock your
      door, call 911, and call West Virginia American Water at
      1-800-685-8660  to report the incident and confirm whether or not
      service work is scheduled in the area.
   ・ Remember, you decide who enters your home or business. Take the time
      to ensure that the utility representative at your door is a
      legitimate employee on official utility business.

“There is no need to feel uneasy about making someone wait until you’re
sure the person is a legitimate utility worker,” said McIntyre. “West
Virginia American Water employees care about customers’ safety, and our
employees don’t mind the wait. We believe it’s worth the peace of mind for
our customers.”
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