Paul Ambrose Elevated Bridge Design Contract Approved by Huntington's Council

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Frances Jackson, Joyce Clark
Frances Jackson, Joyce Clark
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Huntington City Council has passed an ordinance that approves funds for the architectural design of  an elevated  bridge across Hal Greer Blvd. at Cabell-Huntington Hospital. The $2.2 million dollar project includes other additions to the Paul Ambrose Trail including an elevated bridge near Spring Hill Cemetery ,

Funding comes from grants with Cabell-Huntington providing the private portion of the match.

When completed, the project which cover the entire city will cost about $3.8 million dollars. It is named in honor of a physician who grew up in Huntington that was killed in the Washington , D.C. air crash into the Pentagon on 9/11. 

Council also approved a revised contract with the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District for operation and maintenance of Harris Riverfront Park. The revised contract contains a 30-day notice of termination. The park board asked for such a clause due to the city getting behind in payments to the district in the prior fiscal year.

During first reading of an ordinance to repair a failing effluent line from the Waste Treatment Plant, Ed Romans explained to council member Frances Jackson that following the appearance of a large sink hole had prompted the department to examine  the discharge pipe. Over the last few weeks the leakage has been increasing putting the pipe on the ‘emergency’ list as it would be “catastrophic” if it failed.

Council passed several favorable budget revisions, a resolution asking the State of WV (and Huntington’s legislators) to support repairing decrepit park bridges (i.e. Military Road), and accepted the largest highway safety grant in the State of WV.  Huntington serves as fiscal agent for the over $1 million dollar grant.

During Good and Welfare, Dan Kemper thanked the administration for repairs to Mayfair Road and Brighton Drive in Stanford Park and council member Scott Caserta thanked the Huntington Police Department for stepping up to the plate at Wallace Circle. Following a surge in property crimes, residents met with Mayor Wolfe, Police Chief Holbrook and Caserta and developed plans for increased patrols and neighborhood vigilance, which included  Facebook based neighborhood watch notifications that led to the successful apprehension of one suspect.

“It’s made a huge difference,” Caserta said of the patrol modifications, adding that residents are “getting to know the officers” and their “response time has been exceptional.”

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