EDITORIAL: Maloney's Campaign Shows Their Whiny Side

Whiny Boy
Whiny Boy

The last days of a statewide political campaign has a way of showing what a candidate and campaign staff are made of--sandstone or granite? In the case of the Bill Maloney campaign, all that's left seems to be a little pile of sand on the floor.

Incredibly, the Maloney campaign--not content with conducting an all-out war on Betty Ireland--has decided to engage in a two-front war, with State Senator Clark Barnes, another GOP candidate for Governor, being blamed for everything but the sun rising in the morning.

Briefly, the Maloney campaign made a hilarious gaffe when they accidentally sent Senator Barnes an invite to a Maloney "meet and greet" in Buckhannon yesterday.  With its characteristic lack of attention to people or detail, the campaign used a list of names from the local Upshur County Chamber of Commerce.  They never stopped to consider that Senator Barnes was a member of the Upshur Chamber of Commerce, but part of his district includes a section of Upshur County, so he's a member.

When Senator Barnes jokingly suggested to the Maloney organizers through one of his aides that he would be attending the Maloney event, an extremely touchy response came back from Team Maloney.  Senator Barnes' aide was told that if the Senator came to the Maloney event, he would be arrested and taken away by police.

Everyone can roll their eyes now at the juvenile, insecure nature of the Maloney campaign.

But wait, it gets better.  When very few Upshur Countians attended the Maloney event, well, that had to be Senator Barnes' fault, too.  Such power the Senator from Randolph County must have!   Moreover, with not one shred of evidence to back up their claim, the Maloney camp complained to State GOP Chairman Mike Stuart that someohow Barnes and Company had torn down their campaign road signs.   Chairman Stuart made the obvious call and told the local press that he can't imagine Senator Barnes doing any such thing.  In fact, the Barnes campaign has had many of their signs stolen in recent weeks.

We have watched with amusement at the antics of the Maloney campaign--how the role of Bill Maloney in his great Chilean expedition to free the miners has expanded over time.  Still, nobody has been able to tell us how Maloney was able to significantly contribute to the freeing of the Chilean miners after he returned after just three weeks, while all the other U.S. drillers stayed for at least another three weeks in a more hands-on fashion.

We have seen how Maloney, a man with very little experience in anything outside of drilling, has tried to label even part-time legislators and one term statewide officials "career politicians" in order to hide his own lack of gravitas.

And we have seen the dullest TV commercials blanketing the state since Jay Rockefeller's maiden Governor's race in 1972, one in which he was soundly thrashed, probably for boring the West Virginia voting public to death.

If Maloney is the answer, we don't want to know the question.  His thin-skinned, mercurial temperament shows that he is not fit for the office of Governor or any other public trust.  Anyone who has to constantly blame others for his own sad mistakes has not earned the privilege of leading the people of West Virginia. Period.

While we would prefer you to vote for Clark Barnes for Governor, quite frankly, anyone but Maloney is fine with us. He can't win in the fall with all the nastiness he has thrown at his campaign rivals.  Maloney simply cannot unify the Party of Lincoln against the Democratic nominee.  He has spent too much and listened not at all to the people he says he wants to serve.

Good riddance.

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