By David Leeper

After working for Democratic candidates from Adlai Stevenson to Barack Obama, I just made a donation to Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, and Republican candidate to become “the people’s president.”  After a moment of trepidation, I was freed from my bondage to the Democratic Party as the only party I could hope would implement my values.

The issue is the war in Afghanistan.  Johnson understands we cannot squander our resources fighting wars all over the world. He has said, “I would get out of Afghanistan tomorrow.”

My parents were raised Republican when that was the party of Lincoln. They both rejected the Republican Party as it became the party of General Electric and Standard Oil. My mother, Midge Miller, became a Democratic Representative from Wisconsin and a Democratic National Committee Woman for many years.

The current Republican Party of George Bush and Governor Scott Walker is an abomination that represents the very worst of the wealthy corporate interests that took over the party of Lincoln. Yet, I feel betrayed by Obama’s record on torture, war, civil liberties, energy policy, and the Wall Street gamblers who have stolen our inheritance.

I like Governor Johnson as a person; and the policies he supports. I see a person of energy, commitment, common sense, and the courage to take difficult positions. Johnson is running as the “People’s President;” bringing the Republican Party full circle- back to the party of Lincoln. I can support someone like that; Democrat or Republican.

* * *

Leeper is a Madison attorney. He has served as a District Attorney and Family Court Commissioner in Wisconsin and has taught human rights, peace and conflict, negotiations, and rule of law courses in Mozambique, Ukraine, Spain, Zimbabwe, and the United States. This commentary was distributed by PeaceVoice, a program of the 

Oregon Peace Institute, Portland, OR