EDITORIAL: Vote Saturday for a Better Governor With Barnes

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EDITORIAL:  Vote Saturday for a Better Governor With Barnes

Saturday is Primary Election Day across West Virginia, and in most counties, only one office is on the ballot.  But that office is the Big Cahuna: Governor.  Only the most qualified of individuals should receive the opportunity to represent their party going forward towards the October Special General Election.  For the Republicans, the choice is clear:  State Senator Clark Barnes of Randolph County.

While Bill Maloney and Betty Ireland have been reenacting the film, "Gangs of New York," over the past two weeks, giving each other gut shots worthy of an Ali/Frazier boxing bout, Senator Barnes has been continuing his travels statewide, meeting with any group, large or small, who wants a better business climate, streamlined state government, and better roads and schools.

Barnes is a straight talker and a good listener, too.  His solution to the need for more funds for highway repair or school construction is simple yet challenging:  cut the state government.  Barnes says that his six years in the state government has allowed him to see enough of the inner workings of our state's bureaucracy to know where the right cuts can be made.

We believe that Barnes knows what he's talking about here for one key reason beyond his legislative experience.  His experience as a small businessman is actually what we put faith in when it comes to budgetary restraint, as well as his military service.  A Governor has to do two main things in order to serve the taxpayers well when it comes to the budget: set the right priorities and be the people's official set of brakes for spending.

A small businessman as successful as Barnes has been in a state that is not always friendly to business must know how to run a tight ship. Small businesses rise or fall based on whether the owner can become skilled at deciding what costs are necessary or wasteful.

Barnes has succeeded twice in small business, developing a Hearing Services business with several branches and a construction company in Elkins. By bringing this small businessman's perspective to the Governor's Office, we believe Barnes will both streamline state government and help our other small businesses grow.

After all, he's already proven over many years that he knows how to do just that.

Betty Ireland's experience is mostly limited to state government alone.  Bill Maloney's experience is entirely in the private sector, with no understanding of how state government works.  In order to have a Governor that can hit the ground running, we need a Governor who can work with the legislature, who understands every line item in the state budget, and who has a vision for growing our state's small businesses.

That candidate is Clark Barnes, a serious but good-humored candidate, who has obviously has studied the issues before us more than the other candidates combined.  Let's give him a chance to show us what a really streamlined state budget can look like, yet one that still prioritizes our roads and schools.  On Saturday, vote for the future of our economy and our children's education.

Vote Clark Barnes for Governor on the Republican ballot.




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