Paramount Sneaks More Internet Clips, Trailers from WV made "Super 8"

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor

A month out before “Super 8” debuts, Paramount continues releasing clips , trailers and TV spots which tauntingly reveal more about the creature that escapes when the train wrecks. While the initial clips established the 70s feel for the WV town in which it was shot, these newer marketing tools quickly cut to the ‘what is it?’ mystery that J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg have been coaxing along in the last months. (Note: Youtube clip courtesy of and © by Paramount Pictures Corp.)

Snagging the high profile summer guaranteed hit puts a state of the art digital projector in the arsenal of the WV Film Office. Aside from the statewide support for the inspired by a true story i.e. “We Are Marshall,” “Super 8” represents the state’s most artistic and commercial high profile production wooed courtesy of the legislative approved filmmaking tax incentive.

Though partially shrouded, the film shot in the Fall of 2010 in and around Weirton, WV, has generated astounding positive buzz. Assisting with the mystery, a continual slipping of clips to internet flick and fan sites. Many of the clips arrived via the U.S. Mail in roughly-handled apparently long lost parcels containing a short reel of film footage shot in 8 mm.

As the 8mm peeks increased, the filmmakers added a website of their own that has methodically revealed clips direct from the cutting room.

Marquee Cinemas, CEO, chairman of the board, and president Curtis McCall, had corporate representatives with him at a Las Vegas Hollywood tradeshow. All those seeing clips put their thumbs up. McCall projects about a $225 million dollar gross for “Super 8,” suggesting it could be the summer sleeper --- the annual boxoffice derby for a film that steps outside of the mega-hit parade guarantees and finds a wider than anticipated audience courtesy not necessarily of promotional sleight of hand but word of mouth votes from viewers themselves.

In addition, "Super 8" will appear on gaming playstation's. The producers have been marketing the interactivity of the "game" with promos and clips too. For a perspective of what's happening on the train carrying the E.T. before it's crash, click here:

Other clips:

And, in the Editing Room:

The big screen unveils the creature when “Super 8” opens June 10.