BOOK NOTES: O, Frabjous Day!: All of Shelly Reuben's Books Have Been Converted to E-Books

By David M. Kinchen

With the conversion of "The Skirt Man," "Weeping" and "Tabula Rasa" all of Shelly Reuben's novels are now available as eBooks.


Conversion of printed books to electronic books has finally solved the age-old problem of out-of-print books and readers of well-written mystery fiction are hereby given permission to jump up in the air and click their heels -- or not!


Here's the link to for Kindle and iPad users:


And here's the link to her books on Barnes and Noble, for Nook users:


Link to David M. Kinchen's reviews of "The Skirt Man" and "Tabula Rasa": HYPERLINK "" \o ""