September 20th Will Bring Down 20th Huntington House

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Damaged homes at 2009 and 2033 Tenth Avenue will be torn down by participants in the Huntington Demolition Project coalition. Once these properties are cleared, 1418 Primrose Avenue and 906 Douglas Street are next on the list.

 The team has demolished properties are 1204 and 1204 R 18th Street, 1206 18th Street, 1219 18th Street, 1804 and 1808 Hall Avenue, 1801 12th Avenue, 1644 Charleston Avenue, 1660 11th Avenue, 1705-07 10th Avenue, 1676 10th Avenue, 1665 9th Avenue, and 903, 905 and 907 23rd Street.

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