EDITORIAL: Top Ten Reasons to Vote for John Raese for U.S. Senate this November

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Raese readies for his Top 10 List...
Raese readies for his Top 10 List...

Life is a mix of seriousness and levity, so in that spirit, we provide you our 2012 endorsement of Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Raese in the form of a Top 10 list. 

After all, behind the TV ads are real people running to represent us.  It pays to get to know them better.

Ready, set, go!

10.  Morgantown hasn't had a U.S. Senator since Waitman T. Willey in 1863.  Interestingly, Raese lived in Willey's house as a boy.

9.    Two words:  Obamacare Repeal!

8.    Raese actually seems to still like West Virginia basics, like coal, guns, and deer camp.  Manchin?  Not so much.

7.    The Raeses never tried to hide the fact that they have a second home in Florida.  But Manchin shushes the fact that he enjoys his expensive yacht...which is docked in Florida.

6.    An avid sportslover, Raese is never at a loss for the most obscure baseball statistics.  He even played for WVU's baseball team.

5.    Job creator: Raese took over his family's businesses at a challenging time, in the middle of a recession.  But he not only kept them going, he's added hundreds of jobs over the years in his steel, limestone, broadcasting, and tourism businesses.  He knows what businesses, small and large, need to create more good-paying jobs for West Virginians.

4.    Raese is persistent, a good quality to have in a U.S. Senator.  He's been on the road meeting the public in this campaign since early January and is only now getting warmed up.

3.    Community supporter:  Raese, with his wife, Liz, have given quite generous contributions to WVU Hospital, Alzheimers' support groups, and educational institutions.  Additionally, Raese has helped many 4-H and FFA members go to college through his support at local livestock auctions for many years.

2.    Raese has a sense of humor that can both make fun of himself as well as those around him he sees as pompous or otherwise silly.  A favorite line of his given to young people who feel picked on by bullies goes like this:  "Just remember: criticism from a fool is the highest form of praise."

1.    Entrepreneur:  Raese saw West Virginia's tough, anti-business climate as an added challenge, not a reason to go home and quit trying.  As a result, we have Metronews, Pikewood Creative, Pikewood National Golf Course, and a reignited Greer Steel--all providing meaningful work and exceptional services to the people of the Mountain State.  All from the mind of John R. Raese.

For a short video of Raese's story, click here.



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