by Beth Bondurant

In between spring and summer there are days that are a bit too tepid for heat...yet chilly enough to require a touch of warmth for comfort.

Finding the right temperature when heating a baby's bottle sometimes requires a zealous effort.

Like Goldilocks, we seem to be ever searching with fervency for what feels "just right".

Staying at the right temperature in mind, body and spirit isn't the easiest task.  So quickly the world around us can move from stillness to tempest... from calm to stormy... from serene to agitated... from tranquil to disturbed... within just a few seconds.

It doesn't matter if we are very young or very old... feeling ourselves to be "just right" takes meditation and spiritual intervention with most every situation of the day.

 "O my soul, bless God! God, my God, how great you are! You commandeered winds as messengers, appointed fire and flame as ambassadors." 


O God... I am so quick to change my mind set.  My lack of understanding and prejudice turns on so quickly and heats up my mind and body until it becomes too hot to handle and explodes in judgment and decision without meditation and spiritual guidance.  Forgive me for being too cold... too hot... too proud... too arbitrary in my discernment of your goodness and grace.  Touch my lips and my heart with the fire of your spirit... that can purify and empower me towards love and forgiveness... peace and faithfulness... goodness and self control, kindness and gentleness.  Compose in me the meaning of grace and seal my heart, mind and body with a touch of warmth.