The Wild Ramp is halfway to something great

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There are only two weeks left to be a part of the next great thing at The Wild Ramp.

The Wild Ramp, a new local food market in the Shops at Heritage Station, only needs $6,000 to meet their Kickstarter goal. Kickstarter is a crowd-sourced fundraiser powered by

So far, 74 people reached deep into their pockets and pledged from $1 to $1,000. Those donations have added up to $5,736 for The Wild Ramp.

The donations will improve the non-traditional farmer’s market in ways that cannot be accomplished right now. The money will be used to buy a produce scale, signs, a commercial refrigerator, produce carts and tables.

However, The Wild Ramp will get none of the money if the full goal of $11,500 is not met. Nothing.

There are 14 days left, and the goal is in sight.

Those interested in donating do get rewards. From cookbooks to calendars, T-shirts to dinner at a local restaurant, the rewards are just our way of saying “Thank you!”

The Wild Ramp is unlike any market in the Huntington area. It is a year-round community supported market that provides a viable economic outlet for local food producers while providing consumers access to locally grown agricultural products. There are over 100 products in the market, offered by over 40 local producers and farmers, most living within 100 miles of the store. Farmers set their own prices for their goods and get 90 cents of every dollar of their selling price.


The Wild Ramp needs your help to keep this market a success

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