Finance Committee Members Want Public Works Study Funding Identified

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Steve Williams and Finance Committee want Funding Source identified for Public Works Study
Steve Williams and Finance Committee want Funding Source identified for Public Works Study

The finance committee of Huntington City Council confronted a repetitive problem… how do we find the money?  In this case, it’s for a study of the operational and best business practices of the Public Works Department. However, as presented, the source of funding for the study had not been identified.

Deron Runyon, City of Huntington finance director, told the committee payment for the approximately  $42,000 study would have to come from the uncommitted portion of the contingency fund.

“We don’t see anything in public works that can be identified,” Runyon said. He argued that there is the “more”  potential savings in the department analysis.

At this time, the uncommitted portion of the fund has a balance of approximately $361,873.

Steve Williams, council finance committee director, and councilman Jim Insco were both uncomfortable with pulling the money from contingency. Williams added that a self-study would be inconsistent with prior procedure which was to have department’s assessed by an independent source.

Insco called that option “dangerous” because the city has self-insurance risks.

Williams recalled that the McGrath Study that looked at the polices , personnel and equipment of the Huntington Fire Department had come from the department’s budget.

Insco asked about “empty positions” as a source, stipulating that any floodwall allocation “could not be touched.”

Eventually, Runyon agreed to reexamine the Public Works Budget for possible sources.

Since no funding has been identified, Williams recommended that the ordinance not have a recommendation from the finance committee. During the full council work session that followed, those present appeared consensual to at the Tuesday night meeting of the full council have the matter referred back to finance for funding source determination.

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