Breaking News: U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Endorses John Raese

HNN Staff
U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

BOWLING GREEN, KY--Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul today endorsed John Raese for United States Senate from West Virginia.  Recent polling shows Raese running a strong race against incumbent Joe Manchin, whom Senator Paul notes has tried to run as a moderate but has been unable to escape his ties to national Democratic Party liberals and President Obama.

"I am proud to endorse John Raese for United States Senate," said Senator Paul. "As a neighbor from Kentucky, I know he will represent West Virginia's values and keep America strong."

"I do not get involved in every competitive Senate race," said Senator Paul. "But I felt compelled to endorse John Raese for his strong stands on two crucial issues: balanced budgets and foreign aid." 

"As a businessman and entrepreneur, John Raese understands that deficits crush business and kill jobs.  John is commited to reining in out of control deficits and will be a hero for West Virginia taxpayers.  He will stand with me to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and enact real spending reform, bringing fiscal sanity back to Washington.

"John Raese also knows what it takes to keep our country secure.  And, he knows that it makes no sense to send our tax dollars to dangerous overseas regimes that hate us and threaten our national security.  John will stand with me and the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand that we end foreign aid to nations like Egypt, Pakistan, and Libya."

Senator Paul noted that, as recently as September, Joe Manchin joined with Senate liberals to back President Obama's plan to send additional foreign aid to several Middle Eastern countries with Islamist governments  hostile to the United States.  

"John Raese is the type of bold, strong leader we need in Washington," said Senator Paul.  "TEA Party activists, Independents, and common sense conservative Democrats across West Virginia should rally to his cause.  I look forward to supporting John and plan to do everything I can to help him win."    
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