Williams: Endorsements Share "Exceptional" Huntington Vision

Updated 5 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Steve Williams
Steve Williams
(file photo)

Mayoral candidate Steve Williams has responded to his recent endorsement by the FOP-PAC, stressing that his supporters bridge labor, business and non-partisan stakeholders.

In a statement to HNN , Williams said:

Business and Labor groups have been unanimous in their support and endorsement of my campaign for Mayor.

My campaign for Mayor has been focused on what it takes to create an exceptional Huntington. Fiscal responsibility, resistance to higher taxes, accountability in city operations, and innovative job creation will enable us to take our city to a higher level of accomplishment.

I am thrilled to add the Fraternal Order of Police to the long list of groups endorsing my campaign to create an exceptional Huntington.

My candidacy now has endorsements from the police, firefighters. AFSCME workers, the AFL-CIO and Huntington Chamber of Commerce.

We view the endorsement of my campaign by Business AND Labor as a recognition of my leadership on City Council insisting we say no to higher taxes, insisting we control spending, and insisting we pave more streets.

It is time we demand Huntington become an exceptional city and not be satisfied with the status quo.

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