Rohrig: Mayor Wolfe Has "Missed Mark" in Responding to FOP Endorsement

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Rohrig: Mayor Wolfe Has "Missed Mark" in Responding to FOP Endorsement

The FOP lodge recently endorsed Steve Williams for Mayor. Previously, Mayor Kim Wolfe, a member of the law enforcement officers lodge, told HNN that the membership declined to endorse him because they wanted a pay raise and were dissatisfied with the delay in receiving a contract.

Alan Rohrig, a member of the Gold Star Lodge 65 PAC, issued the following statement:

I would like to respond to the comments made by the mayor. 

Once again, Mayor Wolfe has missed the mark.  Our endorsement of Councilman Williams has nothing to do with the reasons given by Mayor Wolfe.  The issues being raised by Mayor Wolfe merely indicate how removed he has become from the concerns of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police Gold Star Lodge #65.

Our Political Action Committee interviewed both candidates.  The Political Action Committee felt Councilman Williams’ business and legislative experience along with his leadership qualities will lead Huntington to a prosperous future.  A prosperous Huntington is good for all. 

Mayor Wolfe is understandably upset that his own lodge voted to support his opponent.  This endorsement was voted on by the Political Action Committee and then by the members present at the last F.O.P. meeting with the same result; endorsement for Councilman Williams.

The membership of the F.O.P. is comprised of active duty officers and retired officers. Over 60 members were present to vote on the endorsement for Mayor.  In fact, because the Mayor is a member of the lodge, he was given an opportunity to address the members of the lodge prior to the vote - an opportunity that was not provided to Councilman Williams.  The vast majority of those present were retired police officers. A majority of all those present voted in favor of endorsing the election of Councilman Steve Williams for Mayor.

Mayor Wolfe has received the endorsement of the F.O. P. PAC in the past utilizing this same process.  We are surprised that he does not respect the process. We seriously doubt he would be questioning the process of selection of the F.O.P. endorsement for Mayor if the vote had gone his way.



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