HOLBROOK: Police Should Stay Out of Politics

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Police Chief Skip Holbrook
Police Chief Skip Holbrook
(file photo Chris Spencer)

Time out.

Recalling several heated council meetings, police chief Skip Holbrook suggested a “recess” in the proceedings . He has essentially done so again in the discussion of the FOP PAC’s narrow, five vote endorsement of councilman Steve Williams.

Speaking to HNN via telephone late Sunday night, he stated:

"What I told the police officers, the Mayor and councilman Williams is police officers need to stay out of politics and worry about being policemen.  I pride myself on being a professional and on being a policeman.”

Alluding to the issue, he called it "a difference in an administrative matter" with the police department and stressed that the "business is between the lodge and officers."

He went on to say, "I'm not commenting on the endorsement or my status in the lodge. I'm a member of the lodge. My comment is policemen need to stick to policing and it takes away from our mission when you get involved in politics."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mayor Wolfe in a text sent Friday to WSAZ and HNN stated that the endorsement represented "the same small group of PAC (Political Action Committee) members who voted to throw Skip Holbrook out of the lodge . Seventy percent of police officers [were] not represented [in the endorsement] vote."


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