EDITORIAL: Democrats Voting Straight Ticket Republican? Stranger Things Have Happened in WV Politics...

HNN Staff
EDITORIAL:  Democrats Voting Straight Ticket Republican?  Stranger Things Have Happened in WV Politics...

For several weeks, indeed months, President Obama's numbers in West Virginia polls have shown that this is one state that is not expected to reward Obama/Biden with our five electoral votes this year.

This administration's double hit to West Virginia's economy--in the form of the war on coal and coal-fired power plants and Obamacare's sapping of our small businesses--make another term less than appetizing for most West Virginians, regardless of political party.

But since we've known this dynamic in our electorate for some time, how might those voters who really want to make a statement do that in early voting or on November 6th?

It's being called the "nuclear option" in some circles around the state, something that is done only in an election year that cries out for a most serious response to the powers that be.  What is it?

Straight Ticket Republican.  That's right. Just marking the top of the ballot, but this time for the Republican Party.  From some polling we've heard about in the Third Congressional District, four out of ten likely Democratic voters are seriously considering going Straight Ticket Republican. Wow!

Such a move, done by enough West Virginians just this once, would tell the national Democratic Party that their serious leftward drift on domestic and foreign policy needs to stop.

The nice thing about the democratic process is that, if the voters ever think they have made a big mistake in electing someone, then in just a few years that same person can be voted out.

That's what appears to be happening to President Obama this year.  But it could easily happen to Governor Romney if he is elected this time and disappoints in four years.   That's why even doing something as bold as voting Straight Ticket Republican has a built-in insurance policy.

We're hearing it more and more, moving into the Second and First Congressional Districts, too, now.

Barack Obama doesn't deserve to be beaten by just a few points across West Virginia but by a huge margin.  By voting Straight Ticket Republican for the first time, many West Virginia Democrats and Independents can join with the Republicans to send the Obamas packing for Chicago.

Barack Obama was a fine experiment in democracy.  But he just didn't listen to others very well.  But he'll hear us all loud and clear if we vote Straight Ticket Republican this year.

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