Fukushima Cancers May Reach One Million

Updated 10 years ago Special to HNN Provided Courtesy Fairewinds Associates

Fairewinds nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen has predicted that the Japanese nuclear melt down will cause one million cancers. He adds that calculations have not been adjusted for the Japanese lifestyle of living on the floor.  In the second video, he discusses current conditions on Chicago's public radio station, where he predicts clean up would cost $70 to $100 billion dollars. 

Fairewinds' Arnie Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: I'm coming up with something on the order a million cancers. We're seeing that already [...] Kids were tested just in the last couple months and almost half of them had thyroid nodules [and cysts]. Normally about 1 to 2% of kids would have thyroid nodules. So we're seeing an enormous increase in cancer precursor for thyroid cancers.

The indoor dust in these home is astronomical [...] The Japanese essentially live on the floor [...] Internal contamination in Japan will be a significant factor. Neither the Japanese government nor the IAEA is taking that into account when they do their numbers.

During a Chicago PBS radio interview, Gundersen states the plant in Japan should be entombed.