WV GOP: Romney Completes Sweep

From a Release by WV GOP

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - In the third and final debate, Mitt Romney completed the clean sweep with a third victory. "The United States of America is a leader in the world, and no matter how much President Obama would prefer that not to be the case, it is the responsibility of our leaders to stand strong and unified with our allies to protect us from war, strife and terrorism," said Conrad Lucas, Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party. "Mitt Romney has a plan for our future and a plan for our safety while President Obama continues to hold onto the deadly belief that we can negotiate with terrorists."

 "While President Obama showed the strain of knowing he is behind in the election by going on the attack, Mitt Romney exhibited an accurate, reasoned and intelligent view of the world and our place in it," continued Lucas.

 "Obama looked like a desperate challenger attacking Romney and purposefully misrepresenting his positions, a clear sign he knows he's trailing in the polls, but Mitt Romney made it clear to the voters and the people of the world that he would always stand with our allies and ensure our citizens are protected. Obama sounded petty and desperate all night, but Romney was composed, calculating, knowledgable and Presidential. Our country and our state will be much better off when Mitt Romney becomes our President," concluded Lucas.

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