DEVOTION: The Letter "I"

by Beth Bondurant
The ninth letter of the alphabet is one of those mysterious vowels that can be very ambiguous in both sound and usage.

When moving from a very southern city to the conglomerate population of Miami... it seemed to be a fun thing for school classmates to hear how the ninth letter of the alphabet sounded with a long southern drawl.  Friends would call just waiting to her my Mom's voice say..."Jeest a miiinnnett".

When joined with other vowels... there is the same intricacy.

Who am "i"... how does "i" relate in conjunction with added relationship.

Scripture declares we belong to God... "I am God's beloved".

What a riddle this is... knowing who "i" am and to whom "i" belong.

Some days it is clear in relationship to others but most of the time there are so many questions as to the why and how we join together in harmony and completeness.

O God... "i" don't understand.  How can it be so simple... yet so unexplainable.  Putting things together and making clear our love and hope... our vision and energy... our capability and enthusiasm... our faithfulness and patience... our peace and kindness in a way that is full of grace and goodness just doesn't seem to be easy.  Too many misconceptions and mistakes keep us from clarity in our interpretation and implementation of heart, mind, body and spirit.  We long "to see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly... and follow Thee more nearly... day by day".  Teach us, Lord,  how to be and use the letter "i".

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