OPINION: WV GOP Alleges That McGraw Fibbing About Opponent

From a Release by WV GOP
OPINION: WV GOP Alleges That McGraw Fibbing About Opponent

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- When the state's chief law enforcement officer resorts to spreading desperate lies about his opponent, you know he's in trouble. This week, Darrell McGraw and his personal injury bar pals panicked. Fearing the loss of the torrent of taxpayer dollars, they're reduced to lying about Republican nominee Patrick Morrisey.

West Virginians are concerned about incumbent McGraw's enthusiastic support for President Obama. McGraw has squandered millions of taxpayer dollars on selfish promotional ads and that he's put seniors' health care at risk by choosing to send millions in settlement dollars to campaign donors instead of the Medicaid program it was supposed to fund.

Instead of addressing these issues, McGraw poured into the gutter to distort the strong legal background that Patrick Morrisey would bring to the table as West Virginia Attorney General.

"McGraw may have held legal public office for 32 years, but you wouldn't know it by the way he's acted during this campaign," said Conrad Lucas. "He keeps lying about Patrick Morrisey's background. Not a surprise after the way he lied to West Virginia taxpayers about his military service to scam pension dollars from our treasury."

McGraw won't step up to the plate and accept responsibility for treating tax dollars like personal campaign funds or turning his back on coal miners.

"West Virginians want change and Darrell will get that message soon enough," said Lucas.

McGraw's lagging campaign has been propped up by out-of-state third party organizations, and their Obama donors, as well as a PAC called "Standing up for West Virginia," which is funded by a suspicious corporation that was just established this summer.

Morrisey, a resident of Jefferson County and nationally prominent health care lawyer, has a distinguished career highlighted by his work on the 26 state lawsuit to challenge Obamacare, an endeavor that McGraw chose to avoid. Morrisey served as Chief Legal Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and has held multiple senior roles with large law firms.

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