Wind, Rain Threaten Phildelphia, New Jersey and NYC

Updated 7 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Ohio Edison Power Outages
Ohio Edison Power Outages

 UPDATE: Power is now out in portions of Philadelphia.

Drenching rain has soaked portions of Philadelphia, according to an HNN source in the city. “The winds are picking up,” said Millie Flood who lives in a Philadelphia suburb. Folks in her neighborhood still have power. Some have moved their vehicles off the street. All neighbors appear to be sheltering in home, in place.

Located about five to seven miles from downtown Philadelphia, she has said that All public transportation is shut down including  Amtrak. As the storm closes in on Southern New Jersey, the low pressure center is expected to bring winds as far West as Ohio.

A friend of Flood works at a New Jersey supermarket. “People are buying London Broil, lobster and shrimp. He had 100 customers come through the line in a few hours. Some of the employees slept in the store last night.”

Another friend lives at a Center City high rise. He fears that the wind may be strong enough to break windows on the 17th floor.

According to CNN, the Jersey shore is most vulnerable. A high rise crane has collapsed in NYC. The storm is expected to remain stationary which causes threats of flooding damages.

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