OPINION: WV GOP Admonishes Obama, Tomlin for Coal Layoffs

Updated 5 years ago From a Release by WV GOP
OPINION:  WV GOP Admonishes Obama, Tomlin for Coal Layoffs

Charleston, W.Va. -  While Mountaineers fight Hurricane Sandy, snows and power outages, Mingo County families are losing the battle to the Obama-Tomblin Team. Consol Energy announced today that they will lay off 145 more miners from mining complexes near Naugatuck, W.Va.

  "Operations impacted include the company's Wiley Surface Mine, Wiley Creek Surface Mine, Minway Surface Mine, Minway Preparation Plant, and Miller Creek Administration Group," said a release from Consol.

This is another body blow to the energy industry and our mining jobs.
   "It's too bad that Governor Tomblin refuses to protect our mines and miners from Obama's EPA," said Conrad Lucas, Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party. "Just like Joe Manchin, Tomblin cast his lot with D.C. liberals year ago. He talks about stopping the EPA, but the reality is that he and his family have visited the Obama White House nine times. If he or Joe cared about West Virginia miners, they'd support Mitt Romney. They don't because they support Obama."
The layoffs will take place the week after Christmas.   "Too many West Virginia families have lost their job thanks to failed Democratic policies. West Virginia needs change, and you can see it on the faces of the men and women standing in lines waiting to vote early all across the state," said Lucas. "Nobody waits in line to vote for the status quo. They brave wind and snow and lines to fix that which ails our state. The best way to do that is a vote straight Republican."
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