Proposed Warning Letter Regarding Leaves, Debris Posted

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A proposed warning letter regarding leaf and lawn debris compliance has been posted by council woman Joyce Clark on Facebook.

The intent of the letter is to remind citizens concerning debris and runoff as it impacts the sewer system.

The letter reads as follows:

Based on ordinance 960.02, it is unlawful to blow or sweep grass clippings, leaves and yard waste into the street or onto storm drains. The fine is $500 per day per incident. Due to the city’s major flooding probl
ems, compliance officers are going to be offering stronger enforcement of this law.

Leaves, grass clippings and yard waste must be contained in the proper container and out on curb awaiting proper disposal and/or pick up. Please contact the leaf pick up hotline at 304.696.4484 for assistance in removal of above mentioned items.

The sewer system in the city of Huntington is over 100 years old. Much of the system is a combination of storm water and sanitary sewer water pipes. When the storm drains and catch basins become clogged with grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste, it puts added pressure on the system and causes flooding during rain events. Many times, this flood water is tainted by raw sewage which can get into the streets and basements throughout the city.

This letter serves as your ONLY WARNING before a citation is issued for violation of ordinance 960.02. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Jim Porter
Compliance Inspector
City of Huntington, WV


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