Art Walk Asks for Nov. 15 Participants

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"Selina" models Art Walk T-Shirt
"Selina" models Art Walk T-Shirt
(c) Glen Berry

The Huntington Art Walk is encouraging interested artists to participate in the next Huntington Art Walk. Booking for the November 15th event is already under way, and artists are highly encouraged to book a venue as early as possible, to secure the venue of their choice. The deadline for booking is November 8th. The event itself takes place on Thursday, November 15th.

This free event is a great chance for artists to gain exposure in the region and promote their art. The event has been covered by several TV-news reports, and featured in multiple regional newspapers. In addition to being an excellent chance for artists to sell some of their art and gain exposure, it's also a lot of fun!

What types of artists are we interested in?

We welcome visual artists of all types, including painters, photographers, sculptors, sketch artists, and more. We are also interested in artisans who work in the applied arts, such as making jewelry, clothing, pottery, designer furniture, etc. We're also very interested in performance artists, such as musicians, mimes, etc. Artists need not reside in Huntington WV to participate. We welcome all artists from the tri-state region and beyond.

If you know of any artists who might want to participate, please tell them about the art walk as soon as possible. Booking instructions, along with a constantly-updated list of available venues can be found on this webpage:

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