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Letters to the Editor
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I have known Kim Wolfe for roughly 30 years, and I am writing to encourage the Huntington community to vote to keep him as Mayor of Huntington.  Kim has devoted his life to serving others.  He served America as a Vietnam veteran in the United States Navy.  Upon his return, he served the City of Huntington on the Huntington Police Department for 26 years.  He next served the citizens of Cabell County as our Sheriff, and now continues to serve his community as Mayor of Huntington.

During his first term as Mayor, crime has dropped significantly, and according to the FBI, Huntington is now the safest it has been since 1985!  When Kim took office the city was on the verge of bankruptcy and receivership, and Kim has revamped the city’s pension system, not only saving the pensions of its’ retirees, but saving the city millions of dollars in the future.  He eliminated the manufacturing tax, cut the B & O tax in half, and is working to eliminate the unfair city user fee.  Working with our National Guard, Kim has eliminated 130 dilapidated and dangerous houses from the cityscape, with more to come, reclaiming the land for future productive use.


His character and integrity are unquestioned, his commitment to unselfish and effective service is proven, and he is worthy of your vote.  I encourage my fellow veterans and those who appreciate service, sacrifice and true leadership to re-elect Kim Wolfe Mayor of the City of Huntington.


Hershel “Woody” Williams 

Ona, WV                                                                                     

Recipient, Congressional Medal of Honor    



Mayor Kim on Horseback
Mayor Kim on Horseback



I am the City Clerk in Logan, West Virginia. 


I am writing to support  Kim Wolfe for Mayor of Huntington. Kim has been a great friend of the City of Logan.  He has gone above the call of professional leadership numerous times and also stood by us during the floods, in which he came and PHYSICALLY helped people who suffered here, as well as any obstacle we have faced along the way. 

I will never forget him standing by Mayor Jerry Price and Marlene Jeffrey Price of Chapmanville in the tragic loss of their son Cory, our City of Logan Firefighter. There are not enough things I can say about the true character of this man. 

You are not just electing a "Mayor," you are asking someone to stand by you and with you when times are hard, not just to take the glory when times are easy. He has worked hard for Huntington on so many levels. Being Mayor is not easy, as most seem to think. 

To Kim Wolfe, you are supported by our team each and every day.  I hope Huntington keeps a leader that will LEAD them in good and bad times.  VOTE WOLFE!


Amber Miller-Viars




I ran against Kim Wolfe for Sheriff in 1999 and I got to know him well during and after the race and my opponent became a good and honest friend.


When the city of Huntington was on the verge of bankruptcy and overrun with crime and filth, he stepped up and ran for Mayor. 


I not only voted for him, but actively promoted his candidacy, and he has not disappointed our faith in him.  When he ran four years ago, our goals were a safer, cleaner Huntington, and he has far exceeded those goals with a 60% reduction in violent crime, a much cleaner city and a revitalized business community with 600 new jobs and major tax reforms, making the city more attractive, even attracting the film and television industry!


Kim is a graduate of Marshall University, and has served our community throughout his lifetime, first in Vietnam, then on the Huntington Police Department, and as Sheriff of Cabell County.  He also served on the U.S. Anti-Terrorist Advisory Council, the Advisory Committee of the National Task Force on Community Preparedness & Response, and the Appalachian HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Executive Board.  He brings an extraordinary skill set to the office of Mayor and we are extremely fortunate to have him at the helm. 


His ability to bring various entities together to work as a team is unmatched, and I encourage everyone to keep the momentum going and not change coaches in the middle of a winning season. 


Red Dawson     

Huntington, WV




I am the Democratic Mayor of the city of Logan, West Virginia, and I am writing to lend my support to Mayor Kim Wolfe’s reelection campaign.  His “do the right thing” modus operandi transcends party politics and takes leadership to a higher level.


For the past four years, we have worked closely with Mayor Wolfe and the WV Municipal League, with Mayor Wolfe providing strong partnership and leadership with many of us throughout the state of West Virginia.


We are a small town, and Mayor Wolfe has helped us tremendously with a number of issues.  He even personally came along with other members of his church and shoveled mud and debris for hours on more than one occasion during cleanup efforts following our devastating flooding.    He also coordinated emergency services for the Mayor of Chapmanville and his family following the serious injury of their son, who was a Logan firefighter and later died.


I would strongly suggest that the City of Huntington would do well to keep Mayor Wolfe, who has built  strong relationships throughout the state and is leading a movement of positive progress, lighting the way towards pension reform, land bank legislation and other innovative  approaches of addressing fiscal challenges, helping cities avoid bankruptcy.


A change in leadership in the midst of the current positive momentum in Huntington would negatively impact that momentum not only in Huntington but throughout the state, and in my opinion, would be a serious mistake.


Mayor Serafino Nolletti

Logan, West Virginia 

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