Radio Stations Pull Stay the Course Ads

Updated 5 years ago From a Release by WV GOP
Radio Stations Pull Stay the Course Ads

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia Democrat campaigns just can't keep the car between the white lines. Dishonest ads and illegal e-mail spam to state employees are just the latest misdeeds by failing incumbents who are desperate, frantic and lying.

Radio stations statewide pulled ads  by the Stay The Course group, which has backed the Obama-Tomblin Team and is run by a liberal Obama endorser. The ads blatantly slandered Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney.


"It's no surprise when liberals and millionaires who don't want to improve this state from 80 years of failed policies get together to try to keep our economy in the Stone Age for their own self-interests," said West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas. "These are the same Charleston insiders who have been buying access for year and got rewarded by the Government they'd bought."


The voters of the state got another illegal surprise Friday when an illegal bulk e-mail was sent to thousands state accounts. The Democrat campaign of Fake Farmer Walt Helmick used e-mail lists clearly taken from the state to send campaign messages to workers at the DHHR, the Division of Commerce and all over state government.


"Walt Helmick has lied about farming and lied in court about farming," said Lucas. "Hearing that they would spam thousands of state employees to perpetuate his falsehoods about farming is par for the course. Helmick is just another liberal who lives in a ritzy Charleston condo and voted for ObamaCare in the State Senate." 


There is no doubt this is a violation of 3-8-12(k) and arguably a 3-8-12(c) violation by causing "a written communication to be delivered within a room or building of the state or a political subdivision, in any manner, as prescribed by law."

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