WV GOP Asserts EPA Working on 75 Executive Orders

Updated 5 years ago From a Release by U.S. Attorney's Office for Southern District of WV

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Environmental Protection Agency is reportedly hurrying to write new executive orders and regulations they can finish in the next 75 days before the inauguration of a new President. If they succeed, it will result in the end of coal-fired electricity in America and costs to consumers of at least $700 billion.

"We must beat Barack Obama tomorrow, but even if we succeed nationally, his evil servants at the EPA are planning to destroy our coal and power industries in West Virginia by executive fiat," said West Virginia Republican Chair Conrad Lucas. "This proposed new EPA regulation would effectively end construction of any new coal plants, ever. Worse, it would ensure that prices for any kind of power would necessarily skyrocket."

The coverage of the issue in today's Washington Examiner and Washington Times is being avoided in the national press, while Obama tries to hold onto votes in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.


"If folks want to see how a single man can kill a state and economy, we invite our neighboring states to look in on our mines, our power plants and our unemployed families," said Lucas. "This state is under assault by those who want to take our energy and our freedom. Without Mitt Romney, your state will befall the same fate."

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