UPDATED: Federal Judge Rejects Software Lawsuit; Two Ohio Election Law Suits Filed, One in Pennsylvania Too

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UPDATED: 4:30 P.M. , A Columbus, Ohio, federal judge in a ten page ruling has rejected a compromised voting software claim responding that the complaint presented theory and no evidence.  The suit involving ES & S software was filed Monday in Ohio's state and Federal courts.  Two electronic voting election law suits have been filed in both the United States District Court and Ohio Court of Common Pleas concerning accuracy of a "custom software" application by Election Systems & Software. ES&S supplies voting machines for Cabell County, WV, among other counties and states across the United States.

In an affidavit James March, computer programming specialist,  declared: The idea of producing industry standard .CBV data files of election results is not inherently bad. The method of execution chosen however is unspeakably stupid, excessively complex and insanely risky. In medical terms, it is the equivalent of doing open heart surgery as part of a method of removing somebody's hemorrhoids. Whoever came up with this idea is either the dumbest Information Technology "professional" in the US or has criminal intent against the Ohio election process."

The custom software used by ES & S involves tabulation. It has a similarity to a public domain, on the web posted documents concerning a Diebold Gems software product allegedly adopted by ES & S and contained in a contract between the company and the Ohio Secretary of State.

Cabell County uses Unity software, according to a Friday interview with clerk, Karen Cole.

For user guides to the Unity software, you may download PDF's at the following sites:





The software at issue in OHIO according to the affidavit "will run on the primary central tabulator computers that add up the vote totals for each county that is already an ES&S customer AND it will have access to the central tabulator database, extracting information into a very simple , standard data format known as "comma separated values" or CSV. These CSV files will contain actual live vote totals organized most likely by precinct, original voting method (precinct, mail-in, early voting, provisional voting, etc.) and vote totals for candidates, issues, etc.

In a Pennsylvania case, the Court has agreed to delay implementation of that state's voter identification law.

The following link explains early bugs in the ES & S Unity Software.


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