Residency Requirement Barely Fades to Black, Other Charter Provisions Remain

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

By a slim margin of 99 votes, Huntington voters have agreed to drop the residency requirement for city employees. The requirement ,which has been a perianal fixture in Cabell County Circuit Court subject to exceptions and grandfathering, has been vigorously debated.

Voters seemingly barely agreed that the requirement inhibits hiring choices. On the other hand, voters have decided to keep the Central Garage and Motor Pool requirement as well as the requirement that the public works director be a licensed professional engineer.

Ironically, the licensed professional engineer requirement had been a difficult combination to fill particularly due to the residency requirement. Voters appear to narrowly say, allow workers to live where they choose, but in doing so limit the use of city vehicles taken homeward bound and the residency elimination would cure the difficulty finding a Public Works Director with the engineering specification.

The totals:

Eliminate Residency 6,012

Keep Residency , 5,913


Keep Garage & Motor Pool, 6,249

Eliminate Garage & Motor Pool, 5,913


Keep Public Works Engineering , 6, 728

Eliminate Public Works Engineering , 5,538




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