Reports Wanted on Stormwater Issues

Updated 5 years ago Edited from a Press Release
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
(file photo)

Huntington’s Stormwater Division will be developing a “comprehensive map which will identify areas where stormwater affects the city,” said Jennifer Williams, Stormwater Coordinator for the City of Huntington. As part of this program, the Stormwater Division has asked residents to report the following:

            -Public or commercial areas that frequently flood

           - Flooding basements or private property where flooding occurs regularly

           - Broken catch basins, sewer lines, road slippage due to sewer issues, sink holes, etc.

         - Areas where pollution might be getting into the sewer - oil, paint, chemicals, dyes, etc.

          - Testimonies about how the city's stormwater issues have affected citizens' lives directly


Ms. Williams said, “We will use this information to formulate our long term strategy to repair the stormwater infrastructure and to create ecologically friendly means to manage the stormwater.”

To report on line visit: and scroll down to the "leave a comment" tab.

Otherwise, citizens call and leave a message at 304-696-4423. Reports and stories will be taken through  December 1, 2012.


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