OPINION: Winds of Change Have Blown Through Huntington

Updated 5 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

by David Alligator Williams (Reprinted by Permission)

Ahhhh! The Autumn winds are blowing. The leaves are falling. The ground is bright and colorful. Fall is upon us. Soon, the tree will look bare and empty. Winter will soon be here.

That is the physical outlook of Huntington now. Spiritually, it is Spring in Huntington. The warm winds of change have blown through the city. New ideas are springing up. Hope is in bloom. A new mayor will be taking office.

There are still storms like the shootings that left one dead and five injured in two separate shootings. There are still dark clouds ahead of us in the form of sputtering economy and roads and sewers that need fixing.

Energy has arrived. Not green energy or even coal energy but creative energy. Steve Williams and new members of city council including the always creative and energetic Rick Simmons. Steve Williams sprung into action immediately boosting our relationship with our partner Marshall University and looking at ways to clean our city.

Steve Williams is here to rescue us from a taxes and fees. Well, so we hope. The working man is praying for tax relief. We are praying for leadership against drugs. We do not expect Steve Williams to patrol our streets. We have a fine police department who does an exemplary  job of doing that. We just need Mr Williams to be the voice of reason and to inspire our citizens to band together to fight the drug dealers of Detroit.

Mr. Williams gave a fine interview to the television news the other night when he spoke about the recent shootings. I am confident he will not run or hide from the issue. He is not dodging the issue. He is encouraging citizens to make a stand. That, my friends, is true leadership. He is not spinning or lying or playing with statistics, he is looking into the face of tragedy and pleading for us to watch each others' backs.

Huntington is alive with hope and promise. Alligator Jackson has hope. Of course, if the bright future turns into a swamp...well, there will be a gator in that swamp...and the gator will chomp. But, for now, the future is bright. Just remember...this is your town, this is my town...this is our Huntington.

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