BOOK REVIEW: 'Gun Trader's Guide', 'Shooter's Bible': New Editions of Two Classic Firearms Books from Skyhorse Publishing

Reviewed by David M. Kinchen
BOOK REVIEW: 'Gun Trader's Guide', 'Shooter's Bible':  New Editions of Two Classic Firearms Books from Skyhorse Publishing

Skyhorse Publishing in New York City -- which endeared itself to gun people by reviving the publishing arm of Stoeger Arms Corp. -- has just issued new editions of two books that should be in the library of every firearms hobbyist: "Gun Trader's Guide: A Comprehensive, Fully-Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms with Current Market Values", Edited by Stephen D. Carpenteri (Skyhorse, 598 pages, large format paperback, $29.95) and "Shooter's Bible: The World's Bestselling Firearms Reference", edited by Jay Cassell (Skyhorse, 600 pages, large format paperback, $29.95).


Quoting from my Dec. 28, 2010 review of "Shooter's Bible': "'Shooter's Bible' got its start as a mail order catalog in 1923 for the Stoeger Arms Corp. of New York City. Stoeger Arms was acquired in 2000 by the Benelli Corp., which shut down Stoeger Publishing in 2008 after only a limited number of copies of the 100th edition were produced, making it almost unavailable to shooters. Skyhorse has also acquired to rights to other Stoeger titles, including the 'Gun Trader's Guide.'"


"Gun Trader's Guide" is the original reference guide for gun values. For more than half a century, this book has been the standard reference for collectors, curators, dealers, shooters, and gun enthusiasts. Skyhorse, an eclectic publisher that deserves the attention of every book lover, has issued this classic reference work in a completely updated edition. "Gun Trader's Guide" remains the definitive source for making informed decisions on used firearms purchases. Included are extensive listings for handguns, shotguns, and rifles from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Beretta, Browning, Colt, Remington, Winchester, and many more.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Gun Trader's Guide', 'Shooter's Bible':  New Editions of Two Classic Firearms Books from Skyhorse Publishing

The thirty-fourth edition includes a complete index and a guide on how to properly and effectively use this book in order to find the market value for your collectible modern firearm. With new color photos from gun dealers and shows, as well as introductory materials that every gun collector and potential buyer should read, this book is the ultimate guide to purchasing firearms. No matter what kind of modern collectible firearm you own or collect, the "Gun Trader's Guide" should remain close at hand.

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Published annually for more than eighty years, "Shooter’s Bible" is the most complete and sought-after reference guide for new products, specifications, and current prices on thousands of firearms and related equipment. The 103rd edition contains up-to-date handgun and rifle ballistic tables along with extensive charts of currently available bullets and projectiles for handloading, as well as a new products section. This edition also corrects any errors from previous editions, so you can be sure you are getting the most complete and accurate pricing and specs for all the products showcased inside.

Complete with color and black and white photographs depicting various makes and models of firearms and equipment, "Shooter’s Bible" belongs on the bookshelf of any beginner or experienced hunter, firearm collector, or gun enthusiast.


If you're wondering about a holiday gift for the firearms person on your gift list, you should consider these two books. As a member of the NRA and my local gun club, I always consider "Gun Trader's Guide" and "Shooter's Bible" as two books that go together like love and marriage, horse and carriage, bagel and lox, ham and eggs -- pick your own cliché.


For instance, I own an older but excellent shooting Star autoloader pistol, in .380 caliber (9mm short or 9X17, as opposed to the 9X19 parabellum or Luger cartridge used in my two Glocks and guns marked 9X19 mm like my JR Carbine). Star no longer makes firearms -- more's the pity, since they made great pistols -- but "Gun Trader's Guide" has two pages of listings for Star products (pages 171-173) so it's simple to find my little pocket pistol. My other .380, a Taurus, is described a few pages later. Taurus is a thriving company based in Brazil with a stellar (forgive my pun on "Star") reputation worldwide.


Summing up, these two books are no-brainers for anyone who target shoots, hunts or collects firearms. I saw the 104th edition of of "Shooter's Bible" on display at the sporting goods section of my local Walmart, and most large bookstores should have it. It's also available from, along with "Gun Trader's Guide" and other titles from Skyhorse. I'm encouraging gun people to give Skyhorse's other titles a look-see: Any publisher with the cojones of Skyhorse deserves the support of gun people.


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