Huntinton Council Considering Police Cruiser and Dump Truck Purchases

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Police Chief Skip Holbrook
Police Chief Skip Holbrook
File Photo by Chris Spencer

 Huntington’s City Council will be considering  the first readings of ordinances for vehicle purchases by the Huntington Police Department and the Public Works Department.

Purchasing Director Darryl Miller told the council work session that a low bid has been received for five 2013 Dodge Chargers. The cost would be $113,000. Police Chief Skip Holbrook explained that the state police does not use Chargers so this purchase could not be piggy-backed to the state contract.

“I was shocked by the low price,” Holbrook said.

In addition, HPD would lease/purchase two Dodge Interceptors SUV’s,  one of which is a K-9 unit replacement vehicle.

Responding to a question about cruiser conditions from council woman Sandra Clements, Holbrook detailed  that  HPD is trying to upgrade its fleet as it has vehicles still on front line use that have in excess of 100,000 miles. “Many of them run  24/7,” Holbrook said, adding the fleet is “getting better.”

Previously, the department had reported vehicle damage especially during pursuits. Holbrook said that the department has started an “in house” program of driver pursuit training. The course is conducted on runways at Tri-State Airport. Four cars with mileage in excess of 140,000 are used for the driver safety training.

The first readings include the five year lease/purchase of two dump trucks for the Department of Public Works. Councilman Scott Caserta requested a  listing of the department’s heavy equipment. This proposal had been delayed from July.

Councilman Jim Insco added an ordinance related to contractor licensing liability insurance.  A Fee that has not been increased since 1993 would be upped from $90 to $100.

Second readings for vote at the Tuesday, Nov. 13 meeting, include the annual demolition contract, the annual audit ($21,800), suspension of the Teen Court assessment, and approval of Paul Ambrose Trail additions.

Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Council Chambers at Huntington City Hall.  

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