Christ’s Ambassadors Leave for New York

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Christ Temple
Christ Temple
(Facebook photo)

A Christian care caravan has left Christ Temple Church, 2400 Johnstown Road, for Flushing and Queens, New York.

Councilman Scott Caserta asked for donations from the people of Huntington for “people who have been fifteen days without nothing,” referring to the lack of utilities.

The group which includes about twelve vans  will bring cleaning supplies, bleach, flashlights and batteries, mops, Gatorade and non-perishable food items to those left powerless by Hurricane Sandy and the snowy aftermath.

Caserta asked that donors write a short “we care” note and sign “from Huntington.”

Those driving to New York as part of Project Sandy planned to leave early Thursday, November 15.

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