Roger Smith Elected Chairman of HMDA, Bates Will Be Vice Chairman

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The former City Hall Annex has many prior uses, including Tri State OIC.
The former City Hall Annex has many prior uses, including Tri State OIC.
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The Huntington Municipal Development Authority has elected Roger Smith and Mark Bates as Chairman and Vice Chairman at the annual meeting held November City Hall. Robert Adkins, Jim Weiler, and Lenora Sutphin were named secretary, treasurer and at large member based on the nominating committee slate.

Smith replaces Liza Caldwell who has served for the past two years. She will continue to be a member of the executive committee.

“We’ve done some pretty amazing work over the past two years thanks to Tom (Bell) and Lisa (Riley’s) help,” Ms. Caldwell said.

The board with one dissenting vote accepted the financial report.

Tom Bell, executive director, reminded the board that HMDA has received $100,000 income from the sale of the City Hall Annex to developer  Shane Radcliff, who also has a Fourth Avenue project.

“According to legislation passed by council that money will go to [council, i.e. the city] not HMDA,”  Bell explained.

Council chairman Mark Bates said that the funds over and above expenses will likely go into the general fund. "I think we need to earmark the money," Bates added speculating that a meeting of the Finance Committee may be necessary. In addition, he reminded that about $130,000 in CDBG funds were spent for asbestos abatement. The money may be put back into the CDBG line item.

"It's up to council to decide. We'll look at everyone's ideas then reach a consensus," he said.

HMDA agreed to have Bell deliver a year end report at the January 2013 meeting. There will be no December 2012 session.

In the future, a formal annual report will be presented at the annual meeting.

Members voted to approve a $2,000 a year raise for Bell and a $1,000 a year raise for Ms. Riley, his administrative assistant. The motion carried with spoken dissent.


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