Rep. Shelly Capito Applauded, Scolded Concerning Possible Senate Run Amidst Female Presidential Speculation

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Hillary Clinton one of the early female favorites for the 2016 presidential election.
Hillary Clinton one of the early female favorites for the 2016 presidential election.

The re-elected and newly elected representatives from the November 6 balloting have yet to be sworn in; however, electoral speculations have commenced no less than three weeks following the Presidential election which underscored the polarized attitudes throughout the nation. No less than ten days after President Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, the Huffington Post noted that “a historic number of women will take their seats in the U.S. Senate this January,” the nation has not yet elected a female President or Vice President.

The Post went on to suggest a list of possible 2016 female candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Michele Backmann, Condoleezza Rice, Elizabeth Warren,  Kirsten Gillibrand.and Jennifer Granholm.

However in the Mountain State a frenzy swarmed concerning 2014, when Second District Congresswoman, Shelly Moore-Capito (R), has announced intentions to seek the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Jay Rockefeller. The 76-year-old Democrat has not indicated whether he will seek a sixth term.

Capito made the announcement Monday to avoid speculation.

"It is time to focus on governing. For this reason, I have decided to make my political intentions for 2014 known now so that I can get back to work in Washington, and avoid disruptive political speculation."

However, her moderate voting record has already brought out questions and debate from conservative Republicans. Although WV GOP party head, Conrad Lucas, stressed "the future of our great state lies in balance," his statement attacked Jay Rockefeller's "support of liberal policies that have hindered economic growth in WV."

Filibustering on President Obama, and Rockefeller. and liberal  "attacks against the coal industry" and "job destroying policies," Lucas stressed, "we deserve to have a US Senator who will be a reasoned and powerful voice for the people of West Virginia."

Shelly Moore-Capito
Shelly Moore-Capito
(file photo)

Politico observed that his lack of mentioning Capito by name demonstrated a degree of caution by avoiding fully endorsing a woman for whom WV Tea Party members have multiple issues.

Morgantown Tea Party leader Cindy Frich who just won a seat in the state legislature told Politico, "She may not be the most conservative but I think she can compete." Parkersburg leader Sandy Staats called her a "shoo in ... I don't think there's anybody dumb enough to run against her."

But, Huntington's Dale Anderson II unloaded on Capito. He blasted her support of bail-outs and the Patriot Act, stating to HNN "she has a PR problem at home."

Anderson told Politico, “She’s like the Christine Todd Whitman of West Virginia... She’s not as right wing as I’d like her. She’s not an Allen West. She’s not a Michele Bachmann. People want explanations where she can say, ‘This is how and why I voted this way.’”

As Politico summed his description is why more establishment-oriented Republicans are heartened by her announcement and view it as a ray of good news for a battered National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Anderson scolds her for supporting the NDAA which allows for the detention of American citizens suspected of treason or other offenses without legal council. "The patriot act is a separate issue but equally important."

The Huntington Tea Party member surprised mainstream Republicans by his strong showing against Mayor Kim Wolfe in the primary. Anderson had an ongoing dialogue with Wolfe, which eventually led to partial common grounds.

He suggested a similar sit down at town halls around the state from Ms. Capito:

She would need to explain to me how NDAA is legal from looking at Constitutional law and doesn't violate the Bill of Rights. I'm not interested in her personal opinion but I am interested in how she justifies her belief according to the law.

The same would go for her 250+ billion dollar bailouts/stimulus pork that created 0 jobs.  I'd like to get see where she is on job creation from a small business perspective, she is big with government pork which did nothing but push us closer to a financial cliff. Did she learn her lesson or does she fail to understand Constitutional law surrounding the role of the Federal government.

Her support for Homeland Security roving wiretaps with out a court order. These are issues Benjamin Franklin covered two centuries ago: "Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."

Congresswoman Capito appears to support the idea "We the government" instead of "We the People".

Anticipating a GOP party unity plea, Anderson stands his ground.

"We must agree that the Constitution is law and it must be obeyed, it's not open for wild interpretation.   There is room for disagreement but not much. It shouldn't be about control Republican  vs Democrat. It's about our Constitution and our laws.  Iron sharpens iron."






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