PARALLEL UNIVERSE: My Search for Fair Treatment of Israel on Web News Sites Disappoints Once More with BrasscheckTV

By David M. Kinchen

I've given up expecting fair treatment of Israel on the many "Progressive" "Liberal" or left-wing news sites that I've long subscribed to.


I'm talking about anything from David Swanson in Charlottesville, VA; Truthout, Reader Supported News, most of the contributions about the Middle East from my good friend Tom Hastings in Portland, OR -- just about any site that calls itself Progressive.


If you really want to see Israel hatred at its most viral, go to : It's like a blast from the Hitler past, giving Jews no right to live in an area they've been a part of long before the invention of Islam.


To be "Progressive" in today's thinking is to be anti-Israel -- even edging over the line to anti-Semitism -- and often crossing the line. The "progressive" churches are all anti-Israel, and very pro Palestinian, ignoring the treatment their fellow Christians receive as minorities in Muslim countries.


The Occupy Wall Street movement has a deep strain of prejudice against Israel, and gives little or no mention of the atrocities Muslims commit daily against Christians and other religions. Code Pink stalwart Medea Benjamin, associated with leftist causes and Occupy Wall Street, comes across as a self-hating Jew. There are quite a few of these people on the Left, including Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein.


For news of anti-Christian behavior in countries where Muslims make up the majority or a substantial minority, I have to go to the AINA site. For the rest, I go to DC, DC on Campus or Accuracy in Media or Commentary magazine.


I had hopes for a site called, which shows videos. The site takes its name from a 1920 book by muckraker Upton Sinclair called "The Brass Check" which attacked the news media in the early 20th Century. Sinclair was a Progressive, too. In those days Progressives like Woodrow Wilson and the promoters of Eugenics could be relied upon to show bias against blacks and in some cases -- but not Wilson's -- Jews.


So when BrasscheckTV came along I expected -- hoped is a better word -- it to be fair and balanced when it comes to dealing with the only real democracy in the Middle East, and one of the few in Asia --- Israel.


Then I saw "A General's Son" (link: featuring an Israeli soldier, Miko Peled, son of an Israel general, venting about the alleged racism, apartheid nature of Israel and how the nation claims everything from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean) as Israeli territory.



As if the Palestinians don't do the same thing as they continue to deny the existence of Israel as a sovereign state. I wondered aloud what would be the fate of a Palestinian speaking out against the racism of his country, about how they should be like Belgium and Switzerland, with everybody living in peace, as Peled notes in the video.



Doesn't Peled know that the divide between Belgium's French and Dutch speaking peoples has led to talk of splitting up the country in the manner of the former Czechoslovakia -- not to mention the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia. And the Swiss mentioned in the video self-segregate, with Italian, German and French speaking Swiss pretty much living in areas where they predominate.


And for those of a libertarian bent who've given Ron and Rand Paul a pass for their anti-Israel views, Commentary magazine -- another reliable supporter of Israel -- has cautioned Sen. Rand Paul about blaming Israel for everything that happens in the Middle East: link:


Criticism of Israel has a place in our discussion of world events, but when it becomes as one-sided as it is on the sites mentioned above, one has to wonder about the motives of the critics. Israel itself has critics of its policies and they're not being slaughtered in the thousands the way the "rebels" of Syria are.

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