DEVOTION: Wait for Me

by Beth Bondurant

A long power outage provides time for less activity and thoughtful meditation.

Opening the window to the world provides inspiring revelation.

"Open your spirits, your soul, your mind's eye, and ears and hear the good news. The Spirit of God is alive and at work in you!"

They had to be on one of their first flights as movement wasn't sure and they stuck together with sporadic uncertainty.  These young birds were starting out on their own to find food and to touch the ground that lay below their nest.

Chirping with every hasty movement... they explored but with sudden speed went quickly back to the safety of their nest.  All but one... who kept digging into the grass... searching and seeking.

It was almost comical when the one left behind realized the predicament and zoomed rapidly toward the tree house of siblings.... chirping..."Wait for me!"

O God... we are like little chicks... so many times unsure about our flight patterns.  We soar to the right and then to the left...and quickly go up and down in our daily movement. We seem to be birds of a feather and do find strength when we stick together.  You call us by name... you know every "hop" we take...and do try to keep us under the shelter of your wings.  Forgive us when we meander out on our own... without listening and paying attention to what is best for all.  Thank you for loving our immaturity and wondering... and for guiding us back "home" when we find ourselves alone and afraid. Your love carries us to the provisions that bring hope... joy... goodness and peace.  Thank you for being there... for hearing us when we cry out... "wait for me".