BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Sources Say WVU's Stewart to Resign Soon

HNN Staff
BREAKING NEWS:  Multiple Sources Say WVU's Stewart to Resign Soon

Embattled WVU Head Football Coach Bill Stewart will resign soon, perhaps as early as Friday. So say multiple sources in Huntington, Scott Depot, and Morgantown.   According to one of the sources, Stewart will collect $600,000 as part of a deal with the WVU Athletic Department.

Such an arrangement would indicate that Stewart will be expected to go quietly.  This might be seen as an attempt by WVU to diminish recent news stories in which a former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports reporter alleged that Stewart asked him to dig up some "dirt" on new Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting, Dana Holgorsen.

Complicating matters lately, Stewart had not yet signed the agreement, arranged by WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck, that was drafted several weeks ago that laid out his responsibilities in the new coaching framework. Reportedly, the two coaches have not seen eye to eye on certain matters during Spring training.

During a recent trip to Bluefield, Stewart was asked by a WVVA TV reporter if the two coaches were getting along well.  Stewart replied, "Everyone has to get along with me, because I'm the head coach."

No word yet on whether a Stewart departure would automatically elevate Holgorsen to the WVU Head Coach's position.

Stay tuned to HNN for the latest developments on this evolving story.

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