DEBATE: Thumbs Up ... MTV's Buckwild Simply Preys on American Stereotypes & Characters

Dudes of Buckwild
Dudes of Buckwild
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West Virginia, Embrace Your Culture

Well…the ghost of A. James Manchin is sure to be on the rampage these days. MTV is set to rub West Virginia’s image through the dirt again with their new show “Buck Wild.” Hmmm.. perhaps that’s a little ironic since the characters in the new show love ‘mudding.’

MTV reports: “Tans might fade, muscles wither and the laundry piles up, but don't mope too long about the upcoming finale of "Jersey Shore." Because come January 3, MTV has a whole new hell-raising group of friends for you to fall in love with on "Buckwild."

The show, which will air in the same time slot as "Shore," follows the exploits of nine friends in small town Sissonville, West Virginia, as they fight, drink, four-wheel, dive in mud puddles and generally tear things up while following their simple credo: "Whatever happens, happens.”

After the 10 p.m. ET premiere on Thursday, January 3, MTV will air two back-to-back half-hour episodes of the series each week from 10 to 11 p.m. ET. The longtime friends have a knack for creating their own unique brand of good times, from turning a giant dump truck into a makeshift swimming pool, to rigging up a human slingshot, rolling down hills in giant truck tires and partying until the neighbors can't stand it anymore.”

Well, Alligator Jackson has a message to whiners who will no doubt protest this show: Quit whining and embrace your culture. Jesco White is not a fictional character and neither are these guys!
My friend Wayne asked me, “Aren’t you tired of people making fun of West Virginians? Aren’t you tired of people making us look like dumb hillbillies?”

Sorry, Wayne, some of us are dumb hillbillies, but guess what? Most of them are happy. If they want to go muddin’ and hunting, what is wrong with that? Wayne criticized a lot of my fake news stories because they fed into stereotypes. Sorry Wayne, here are the facts: There are drug dealing thugs in the ghettos; there are Italian gangsters in New Jersey and yes, Wayne, there are crazy, funlovin’ hillbillies in West Virginia.

Embrace your culture West Virginia. Quit acting like it is something you are ashamed of. America loves characters. Sure, Uncle Leo likes to crank up a lil’ Hank Jr. and do donuts through the back yard in his monster truck before he makes some moonshine, but isn’t this America? Does Uncle Leo have to quit being Uncle Leo so you won’t be embarrassed?

But, that really shouldn’t even be the issue here. The real issue is that people want to go ranting and raving about good ol’ West Virginia looking bad before they really understand the show. There is a very good chance that these young West Virginians are going to become celebrities. The show will give a very unique insight to growing up in West Virginia. At some point it is bound to explore the challenges our youth face in West Virginia. I’m sure at some point Sissonville’s meth labs will be mentioned. I’m sure the point that West Virginians have to leave home to find good jobs will be addressed. It sounds like there could be a lot of positive aspects to this show. It sounds like people in California and New York and everywhere else will not only see the problems we face but they will see our love of life. They will see West Virginians can be creative and find fun in simple things. They can see that family and friends are important to us.

C’mon, fellow West Virginians quit trying to hide Uncle Leo in your back yard. C’mon Uncle Leo, come in out of the outhouse and have a little fun. The mountains of West Virginia are full of interesting characters and stories. It’s about time they took the cameras out of Hollywood and brought them to West Virginia.

Now, smile Uncle Leo. Yes, Uncle Leo, the camera man will film you doing a cannonball into a mud hole. You are a West Virginian too, Uncle Leo. You have the right to be yourself, if America don’t like it, they can watch Snookie and The Situation.
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