Stolen Nativity Statute Defaced by Satanic Symbols

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A stolen statue of the Baby Jesus has been recovered, but a Huntington detective has only verbally described what was on the sacred statute.  The statute had been in a nativity scene at a McDonald’s marketing office at 1102 Fifth Avenue before it disappeared Nov. 30.

Huntington Police Detective Chris Sperry found the statue at a Fourth Avenue apartment. A man has admitted that he stole in while drunk. A surveillance tape confirms the hasty snatching of the doll.

When recovered, the statute contained Satanic styled defacing, such as “666,” an upside down cross and  horns. WOWK-TV reported the words “I hate God” were on the Baby Jesus.

Charges may be filed against the man Friday, December 7.

Additional cities have endured defacing thefts from nativity scenes. Santa Monica, California, formerly known as the “City of the Christmas Story” banned unattended displays at Palisades Park after atheists won 18 of 19 slots. In a prior year, Damon Vix quoted Thomas Jefferson , stating, “Religions are all alike -- founded on fables and mythologies." The other side read "Happy Solstice."  Two years later, images of Poseidon and the Devil were added causing the city to ban nativity displays.

A US District Court judge recently upheld the city’s ban as constitutional. A group of the city’s churches will appeal.

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