COLUMN: Have Morals Been Loosened in Freedom's Name?

Updated 6 years ago by David "Alligator" Williams
Ahhhh Freedom...yes, Freedom. We have artisitic freedom in the United States. We can create whatever we want to.
We can send whatever message we choose to send.

I have the power to write about goodness and to support prayer as a way of building a decent, moral society. You have the power to ridicule what I say. You have the power to dispute prayer. You have the right to call it futile.

This is America...The Land of Hope and Dreams. This is the land where our fathers built a country In God We Trust. They prayed to God for support and guidance. This is America...where God has been removed from our schools. This is America...where people try to remove Christ from Christmas. This is America... where people want to turn Jesus's birthday into a genric celebration of Happy Holidays.

We do have the right to do all of those things we mentioned above. Nothing succeeds like Freedom. Nothing fails like Freedom.

There always has been and always will be a battle of Good and Evil. After all, isn't debate wonderful. Isn't debate the backbone of Freedom?

The problem is that I think my side is losing. When I turn on the news and it is filled of the horror that took innocent, young lives, I feel we are losing.

We live in a society that debates too much. Everything is an argument. Everyone has a point. The problem is that all of this debate is destroying morals.

The negativity that rises from these debates is affecting the mentally ill and the young. as they watch the glory of religion and hope being doubted and trounced by it's critics they get shot off into a darkness where there is no good and hope.

When people lose that hope that comes with believing in God, the world becomes a maze. The world becomes a a maze in which the lost stumble through looking for hope. Without the morals and guidance that religion gives up, the lost find false prophets such as video games, rap music, and other false idols.

A mentally ill person looks at these false idols and further miscontrue the message. The result is horror. a mentally ill mind cannot effectively process all of the negativity that freedom throws at him.

Blame guns, blame the media...blame whoever you want. The sad truth is you may be partially right. We are building a society that is short on morals. We are living in a socity that is quickly going morally bankrupt. These lack of morals create poor judgement. Poor judgement leads to tragedy.

Many argue that prayer does not solve anything. Someone commented in my last blog that "Prayer is merely an activity born from the frustration of helplessness to make us feel better about being helpless." Another reader commented: "I'll pray for you"....Translation: 'I want the best for you as long as it takes no effort on my behalf."

We need the positive thoughts and good morals that come with prayer. The answer is to install morals in our children. The answer is to teach our children right and wrong. The answer is to keep our children moral so hope grows and light shines in instead of darkness.

Prayer alone will not solve the problems but it is a form of proactive treatment. The idea is for our children to grow up knowing right and believing in Hope and good. And not growing up to be a loser who hates the world just because he wasn't taught to see the good in it.

No, I am not against Freedom. I just implore you to understand if you want your freedom you are going to have to fight for morals. We need to keep prayer in our lives. Prayer is often a person's search for light and hope.

So, yes, I'm praying. Here is my prayer:

God, please let our children see the horror in this week's events. Please do not let anyone copy these horrific events. Please help the truly dark find light. Please do not let the ugliness in the world destroy innocent beauty. Please Lord, please more than ever, send Hope to the lost...Shine Light on the darkness in the world....and please Father, do not allow Evil to claim our loved ones. Please do not allow the innocent that we taught about morals to be destroyed by those that never learned of Your Goodness. Please do not let another lost soul claim any more innocent lives. Please do not let the hopelessness and despair in the world drive another person to the point where they destroy good and innocence. Amen
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