Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
WV Republican Leader Cries Out Over Sen. Manchin's Proposed Assault Weapon Ban

 "Before Senator Manchin plans any trips to Iowa, he should reflect on how he has humiliated himself and our state," wrote WV GOP chairman Conrad Lucas in response to the senator's statements broadcast on major media outlets concerning a serious dialogue  on limiting random acts of  violence. 

A lifetime member of the NRA, Manchin suggested that he would support restricting assault weapons which he feels would not violate people's Second Amendment rights, stating no one goes hunting with assault rifles.

“This awful massacre of our youngest children has changed us, and everything should be on the table. We need to move beyond dialogue – we need to take a sensible, reasonable approach to the issue of mass violence," Manchin said. "I ask all of my colleagues to sit down with a seriousness of purpose to address the causes of these tragic crimes, including mental health treatment, military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and our culture, which seems to glorify violence more than ever in our video games and movies. 

“Furthermore, this conversation needs to include those of us who strongly support the Second Amendment of our Constitution, because we, too, are proud parents who want all our children to have a safe place to learn and play. All this can be discussed while still protecting our Second Amendment rights.

“Finally, I know that all Americans will continue to pray for comfort for the families of these children and the women who gave their lives to protect them at school. They will always be in my prayers, Gayle’s prayers and the hearts of the people of West Virginia.”

Lucas believes the statement was a "disingenuous" attempt to advance his own career.

"This event should not be politicized. Our nation is in mourning for the tragic and senseless loss of these young souls.  Joe Manchin's classless timing reveals both how insensitive and opportunistic he is.  How dare Senator Manchin use a horrible situation to gain favor with liberal Washington insiders.  The West Virginia Republican Party will absolutely not bring up platform stances on such a hot button issue while funerals are being planned.  We strongly urge Senator Manchin to retract his comments, consider the needs and emotions of the families involved and leave politics for another time.  A national discussion on preventing such catastrophes should and will take place later.  Announcing such a position is cold, heartless, callous and embarrassing for West Virginia." Lucas stated. 

Sen. Manchin recently asked that "Buckwild,"  the MTV reality series, which likely portrays young West Virginians in stereotypical manner, be cancelled.