ART WALK THURSDAY: Photographer Will Be Among Exhibitors in Huntington Dec 20

Updated 5 years ago Edited from a Press Release
Intricate bricks in old architecture
Intricate bricks in old architecture
(c) Glen Berry

Exhibitors have been announced for the Huntington Art Walk scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 20.

Photographer Glen Berry, operator of the official site, , I hopes everyone will visit. "We will have artists at several venues on December 20th, and you can find the full list of venues and artists on the official Huntington Art Walk website."

Berry, an HNN contributing photographer, will exhibit at  Chef Jason's Du Soir Bistro, 905 Third Avenue, from 5-9 p.m. One of the region's finest restaurants, their phone is  304-523-2012, click on their name above, or check out visit their Facebook page for more information.

"I like to photograph many things, including traffic on a rainy street at night. Also, much of the art I've been exhibiting features my favorite model, Selina Kyle, who has been my friend and muse for over 5 years. I truly appreciate everyone who sees my exhibits, and I do hope you like the art I have to show," Berry said.
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