MUSIC: Local Music Scene Expanding

Updated 6 years ago by David "Alligator" Williams
Our Tri-State music scene just isn't a local music scene anymore. There are bands from our area selling cds world-wide and even traveling the world. The top cds to come of our region are being played thousands of miles from here.

While these bands are not millionaire rock stars living I'm Beverly Hills mansions, they are still making money doing something they love to do.

Here is a tasty six-pack of the top cds that came out of our area in 2012.

1) Hydrogyn -"Private Sessions"
Hydrogyn's fifth studio release received praise from all parts of the globe. The cd was a well-balanced disc with anemic rockers like "Scream" and "Something To Say", mellow metal like "I Don't How", ballads like "Roseline's Song", and a rocking rendition of the Kiss classic "Heaven's On Fire."
Hydrogyn has been on the cover of foreign magazines and toured Europe but have deep local roots. Husband and wife Jeff and Julie Westlake live in Ashland, Ky and have lived in Huntington. Jeff, the lead guitarist, graduated from Fairland High in Proctorville, Ohio. Julie, the lead singer, graduated from Chesapeake.

2). Bobaflex "Hell In My Heart"
The cd was released in August of 2011 but their remake of Simon and Garfunkle's "The Sound of Silence" stayed on radio for much of this year. The rockers from Point Pleasant started years ago as rap rockers but now have national recognition as straight up hard rockers.

3). Stone Machine "American Honey"
The Tri-State rockers are led by Spplit Nixon vocalist Jason Mayes. American Honey is an excellent collection of 70s styled classic rock.
Mayes sounds like Paul Rodgers on stompers like the title track, "Bad Lovin'", "Midnight Gypsy", and "Speed Demon.". (Here are strong bluesrockers like "Corn Bread" and "Shake That Thing.". "May You Run Forever" is a Zep styled ballad. "Better Days" has a strong flavoring of southern rock.
The cd received praise on the national radio show The Lex and Terry Show.

4). Ghost Fleet "How To Tame A Mustang"
The Charleston area alternative country band has a rootsy rock sound on "Jesus Is From Texas" and "Lost Prophet.". There's a bluesy Rolling Stone influence on "Dirty". "Tracks" is a heart felt tune that closes the cd and is a standout cut. The cd was just released in December on Red Moth Records and promises to give them national exposure in 2013.

5). John Lancaster "Crash Test In Progress"
Lancaster a member of the legendary regional band Chum has crafted an excellent blend of progessive metal, stoner metal, and altertative rock. A creative songwriter Lancaster has crafted another 6 classic cuts on this cd.
6). Sly Roosevelt "Animal Tracks"
The Huntington band was listed as top band in West Virginia by Paste Magazine. They released a quirky, experimental set that included the Modest Mouse sounding masterpiece "Infatile Dreams." They recently released another solid ep.
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