OP-ED: Maybe the NRA Had a Point....Maybe

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick

I just finished reading the Second Amendment reciting the idea that
we should not get in the way of Americans to own guns in order to have
a militia to secure the nation.

That set me to t hinking there is some logic to all of this that the
NRA keep bounding on but perhaps not quite as the outfit’s boss
LaPierre had in mind.


To me it means that the nation’s security might
well require all healthy young people to be drafted into national
service in order at least to know how to handle and apply weaponry.


How else could we “insure” that necessary militia? In fact, some time
ago I asked if we were not actually denying young Americans both the
right and the requirement to do public service when they reached the
age of 18.


However, it must be recalled that the more conservative element of
the time persuaded then President Nixon to treat a draft as if it were
some kind of involuntary servitude, so he signed the All Volunteer
Army act so that only volunteers would be asked to serve and to die
for the nation. And you know what happened to him, given he had to be
pardoned for any and all crimes he may or may not have committed in
order to avoid his being sent to the hoosegow.


Well, by golly, we then found some years later that the Iraqi
dictator, Saddam Hussein, on whom the late President Ronald Reagan had
lavished tens of billions in arms, intelligence and money in the
dictator’s war with Iran was now allegedly creating something called
“Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD’s for ease of conversation and


That reality and the fact we had to deploy manpower and lots
of money and arms to get Hussein out of Kuwait because Kuwaiti young
folks couldn’t be bothered to fight for their own country, all added
up to the need for President George Bush to declare a necessary
invasion against our old buddy in 2003, resulting in the longest war
in our history which, incidentally, we seem not to know how to win or
even stop.

(If you re wondering why in this essay what all this has to do with
the NRA, a national militia and such, you could be excused. One of the
major problems we confronted was and remains where were all the
fighting personnel(men AND women) to come from since we had no draft?)


Well, it seems logical that the NRA should start campaigning to renew
the draft so we can keep the militia strong. ..maybe even supply real
armed forces to protect schools and other public place when we weren’t
busy fighting wars to keep defense contractors busy and hiring new
employees to spend taxpayer money.


We could make every community an armed camp to assure the citizens,
maybe knock off a nutcase threat or two occasionally to stay in
Among the silly problems the NRA’s weird spokesman failed to address were:


1. Wwhere the money would come from to supply all those “good guys with
guns” to tens of thousands of public schools, forgetting the strains
on private schools;

2. Who would design, tailor and manufacture the uniforms, provide the
weapons and onsite facilities for those good guys to stand guard;

3. What would be the proper pay scales, retirement, health and other
insurance benefits;

4.Who would be regional and local supervisors since someone has to be
in charge;

5. Who would write the special standards for such jobs and enforce them.

6. And, really to the point, what new government beureaucracy would
have to be created.


Well, you get the idea…you do, don’t you? There was not even a hint
in the NRA declarations the organization would cough up so seed money
to get all their ideas going.

Yep, the NRA might well have a point but it would appear to be
projected atop their collective heads. Yet this fraudulent bravura no
doubt will win support from the very people we’d want to keep away
from our kids and the democracy we always really had in mind.


* * *

Joseph J. Honick is president of GMA International in Bainbridge
Island, Washington. He writes for many publications and can be reached at

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