DEVOTION: Leaking Air

by Beth Bondurant

WOW...we were impressed with the blow up mattress... supplied with it's own power pump that inflated the queen size sleeper in just seconds... but were astonished that within a short time... it was evident this amazing resource was leaking air.

Such a tiny slit made useless this massive bundle of comforting possibilities.

We see this in so many aspects of our life.  We are provided great potential but sometimes the tiniest flaw can stop any useful progress.

"God saw everything that was created and indeed it was very good."

For everything there is a season....a purpose... a plan... a potential.  Yet the slightest "thorn" can cause immeasurable leakage in one's strength and effectiveness.

O God, I get puffed up in life's meaning and achievements... but so often become deflated and useless ... unable to sustain the power of your presence "through it all".  Forgive me when I allow the sharp edges of life to puncture my sealed covenant of faith.  Your promise is sure... your guidance is steadfast... your power is unending... your love is unconditional... your spirit is perpetual... you surround us in a bubble of hope and peace yet we seem to spring a leak so easily.  Fill us up with grace and goodness and help us hold tight to your enduring breath.  Patch the holes in our heart, mind, body and spirit so we no longer are leaking air.