US Sailors Seek $140 Million from Japan Over Radiation Exposure

Updated 9 years ago Compiled From a Provided Press Release; Edited by HNN
US Sailors Seek $140 Million from Japan Over Radiation Exposure

Eight U.S. sailors aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan have used Toyko Electric Power for conspiring to create a false sense of security during the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The complaint states that the Toyko company knew of the dangerous radiation levels and intentionally concealed them.

"Defendant TEPCO and the government of Japan, conspired and acted in concert, among other things, to create an illusory impression that the extent of the radiation that had leaked from the site of the FNPP was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs, in order to promote its interests and those of the government of Japan, knowing that the information it disseminated was defective, incomplete and untrue, while omitting to disclose the extraordinary risks posed to the plaintiffs who were carrying out their assigned duties aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan."

 "Defendant represented and warranted that the levels of contamination to which the plaintiffs would be exposed were less than harmful to them and that their presence during 'Operation Tomadachi' would not cause any different or greater harm to them than they may have experienced on missions in the past. ...
     "TEPCO, was aware that exposure to even a low dose of radiation creates a danger to one's health and that it is important to accurately report actual levels...
As a consequence of the earthquake and tsunami, the reactors were damaged and power to the cooling mechanism of the FNPP was interrupted, resulting in a meltdown of the fuel and reactor itself, thereby triggering the release of high levels of radiation."

Nuclear workers in the US have continually claimed that the Atomic Energy Commission and Department of Energy in the US concealed uranium and other weapons grade exposures from workers at Cold War weapons processing facilities, including the Portsmouth /Puducah Gaseous Diffusion Plants and the Huntington Pilot Plant. The DOL has paid $7 million in benefits to workers at the former HPP which operated from 1952-1962, but was not remove from the city until 1979.

A download of the sailors complaint can be found here.